Friends of Quizzing- Another tournament in the history books! And can you believe it? We're already half-way through the season. January, February and March will fly by like a windy day. Congrats again to all those quizzers who were awarded Olympic Memory Challenge certificates! Time and effort spent memorizing God's Truth and obeying it is an investment in your own success (Joshua 1:8-9). Good work! Thank you to the spARCs for leading us in some worship through Christmas caroling! Let's do that again!! And Thank you for those who came early to set up rooms and quiz boxes-- Big Help! Although we were short a couple quizmasters, hopefully next month we'll be in better shape with some of our regulars returning and perhaps a new quizmaster or two in training to be a backup. Thanks to Andy and Christina for filling in with just a moment's notice to keep us quizzing! I've seen a lot of Christmas Treat banquets in my days of quizzing, but this one was over the top! The tables were packed with holiday favorites. I saw more than one plate piled three bars deep walking away from the feast. I'm still craving chocolate because of the abuse. Thanks all for sharing! Next month's fellowship activity will be the ever-loved, ever-entertaining "Old Quizzers Never Die Exhibition Quiz"!!! And what could be more fitting than to have the adults quiz before the whole crowd over 1 Corinthians 13? Quizzers, this month as you practice, hold your parents and coaches accountable for memorizing and answering questions from verses 1 through 13 (the whole chapter). Make sure they get it word-perfect! It will be a ton of fun! (Quizmasters, you better be prepared too!) Have a very, merry, Christ-filled Christmas-- and we'll see you all again on January 13th! Jim Benson Director Rochester YFC Bible Quizzing