Friends of Quizzing- What a great mixture: Chilly November day and Hot quizzing! We had a full roster this month with 6 teams returning to the A/B league and a new team joining us in the Little League to bring the Little League up to 6 teams also. And the Novice league got a boost from two new quizzers!! Ooops! I forgot the name tags! Look for name tags next month... by the end of the day, quizzmasters have all your names memorized, but will forget them by next quiz 8) And big thanks to Jesus our Savior, God the Father and our indwelling Holy Spirit who blesses us every day adding a Special Blessing to us all when we give honor to His Word! These quizzers are in the school of success (Joshua 1:8-9)! Thanks to all who were able to fit in a visit to Broadway Pizza after the quiz tournament. I think I counted about a dozen families represented at the feast. It was fun to see you all there and have a chance to get to know you all better. December's fellowship activity will be "Christmas Treat Fellowship Buffet". Be thinking now about what delicious home-made family favorite or traditional treat you can bring to share. We'll extend the 3pm break a few more minutes to sample from the selections-- my mouth is watering already! At the announcements on Saturday, I briefly mentioned the proposal for a rule change: Allow chapter and verse reference questions to be answered by a word-perfect quote of the referenced verse. This proposal was up for debate for decades at the World Bible Quizzing Association and just a few years ago they amended their rules to allow it at their WBQA sponsored tournaments. Perhaps we could compromise and accept a word-perfect quote AND any question which accurately could be formed from both the material and the words the quizmaster spoke before the beep. Think about it and we'll discuss this more. As I have mentioned before we're always open to suggestions for improvement. Our process has morphed several times over the years as a result of valuable feedback from you. Don't hesitate to call or send an email with your idea!! See you December 9th! Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday! GBY! Jim Benson Director Rochester YFC Bible Quizzing P.S. If you are interested in leading worship or sharing a devotional or being an official, just let me know. Check the web page and see what openings are available. P.P.S Send me your pictures!!