Friends of Quizzing- What an awesome day-- new quizzers, new teams, great jumping, answering and sportsmanship. Like all Octobers of the past, this one had its little gotchas, but the spirit and The Spirit made all work out in the end. We'll have an even better day in November. Nobody could be happier than the AB leaguers! Last year, two teams from the same church filled the entire roster. This year we had 6 teams. Many of those quizzer were graduates from little league, but little league held strong with 5 teams on the roster and we'll see a sixth in November to equal the team count for last year. Isn't God great!! We had a brief Coach's Meeting after the last round to get a temperature reading about the day. Nothing major to report, but Dave had a great idea-- to help us build our community after a long summer away, we'll have name-tags and markers available at the tournament materials tables for adults... and if quizzers want name-tags, they're welcome to wear one too. We're looking for Quizmasters! I know someone out there is wrestling with the idea so step up and enter quizmaster school-- we'll pair you with a quizmaster for training and you'll be a confident official in no time. If your quizzer didn't submit an Olympic Memory Challenge form, but knows the material, turn in October AND November forms in November so the work your quizzer completes will be applied to the year-end achievement resulting in special rewards and recognition at the March tournament. Sadly, the campfire fellowship was rained out-- we'll try again next year! November's fellowship activity will be "Pizza Together". I'll see if I can't reserve the back room of God Father's for November and make "Broadway Pizza" (the choo-choo train place) our "Plan B". Back to the rough edges for a moment... we're always open to suggestions for improvement. Our process has morphed several times over the years as a result of valuable feedback from you. Don't hesitate to call or send an email with your idea!! See you November 11th! GBY! Jim Benson Director Rochester YFC Bible Quizzing P.S. If you are interested in leading worship or sharing a devotional, just let me know. Check the web page and see what openings are available. P.P.S Send me your pictures!!